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DOTA 2 Tools

A set of tools for 3dsmax that allow artists and animators to rapidly export and recompile multiple scenes and textures into a valid DOTA 2 asset.


Requirements: 3dsmax 2010 or newer, Dota 2 Test client.

Spline Tool

The spline tool is useful for all manner of modelling. For high-poly assets, it's great for rapidly creating complex tubes, pipes or curved tiling detail. For low-poly assets, it can be used to rapidly build up large sections of modular models.


Requirements: 3dsmax 2010 or newer.

UV Line Relax

UV Line Relax is an insanely useful little script. Given a valid unbroken line of UVs (e.g. an edge loop), it calculates the edge lengths in world-space, and lays out the UVs in a perfectly straight line between the end points, preserving the proportional distance between UV vertices.


Requirements: 3dsmax 2008 or newer.

Download: (3.2 KB)